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The Purpose of the Equity Hour is to highlight our equity liaisons that we have throughout the district and to promote efforts of diversity and inclusion efforts taking place county wide on a monthly basis with diverse topics and discussions. 

Equity Liaison-Host 
Angela Andriesse-Women’s History Instructor Coral Glades High School 
Donna P. Korn-School Board Member, Countywide At-Large, Seat 8 
Questions to be posed by the panel: 

What women have inspired you, and why? 


What is the relevance of understanding local women’s history? 

What societal issues do you feel impact women the most? 

How can you commit to action and change as it relates to the advancement of women for future generations? 

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Ivy StRanahan

Ivy Julia Cromartie Stranahan was  born in White Springs, Florida on February 24, 1881. She moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1899 to become the town's first school teacher.  

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Initiated four schools: Golden Acres, Coleman Elementary School, Markham Elementary school and Sanders Park Elementary School. Petitioned for a new public high school when segregation was at its highest. The new high school opened in 1951 and, in 1954, was named Blanche Ely High School. 

The goals for this equity hour are to:  

Understand the past, present and future relevancy of the history of local she-ros Blanche Ely and Ivy Stranahan. The discussion this evening will provide an opportunity to honor the generations of trailblazing women and girls who have built our nation, shaped our progress, and strengthened our character as a people.  During the Equity Hour, we will share the historic roles of Ms. Ely and Ms. Stranahan here in Broward.  Selected student panelists and invited community guests will also lead a discussion on how women impact society. 


 We will also celebrate the young people on the panel this evening to recognize them as an integral part of our community, to give them the opportunity to speak their truth and to encourage them to continue to engage in community involvement efforts such as this to understand the importance of self and community advocacy. 

This is also an opportunity for educators and community stakeholders to engage in culturally responsive action in real time with our youth and acknowledge and affirm the lived experiences of our students. 

Lastly, we will engage and learn more about upcoming events celebrating the female icons as well as, existing prosocial organizations engaging students of color within Broward County Public Schools and the influence of these organizations in our community. 

Featured Student Organizations

Women of Tomorrow      BCPS Women’s History Course      Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders     BCPS Human Relations Council 

women of tomorrow

Established in Miami in 1997, the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program was born out of the belief that caring professional women sharing their knowledge, expertise and support with at-risk and disadvantaged girls can be the catalyst for success by inspiring them to aim higher, by providing them with the skills necessary for personal and professional success – allowing them to find the strength and determination to transform their lives despite the obstacles stacked against them Women of tomorrow organization partners with local schools to provide mentees with small group monthly mentoring sessions by highly accomplished professionals, field trip opportunities that may include college visits, and tours of local public service and governmental agencies 

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders 

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders (MTL) is a peer-to-peer mentoring and student leadership program that serves youth who are at-risk for not graduating and/or remaining in school. The program aims to decrease dropout rates, particularly among minority males, to ensure successful school graduation.

BCPS Human Relations Council

Human Relation Councils are school based pro-social clubs. Approved by the School Board of Broward County in August 1999, the Human Relation Councils were established in October 1999 to in the secondary schools and centers. Broward is one of the most diverse counties in the nation. The HRC’s have become key mechanisms for the training of students and staff in diversity sensitivity, cultural competence and affording students an opportunity to foster greater intercultural relations and understanding.

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