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If you are interested in attending the 2022 Equity Conference on Friday, June 17th, you must register in LAB using the course code - LAB Course ID # 39129227

BCPS Public & Charter School Participants will receive a $90 stipend and the Instructional staff will also receive 8 in service Hours.

Learning Across Broward (LAB) Support

Learning Across Broward Canvas Course Link:

Open Canvas Course

Broward County Employee:

· If you are a Broward County employee, access LAB by logging into your single sign-on (SSO) and clicking the Learning Across Broward icon.

Charter School & Out of District ONLY:

· If you are a Charter School employee or "out of district," access your LAB account by logging into Your User Name is your Personnel Number (the P + 8 digit number). For example: P00099999.

NOTE: Neither a P5 or a P8 number can be used to access LAB. If you do not have a P0 number, please click the link below.

Break-out Session Topics 
Culturally Responsive Teaching:

Provide continuous professional development opportunities on a range of topics such as cultural biases, culturally responsive teaching, and building equitable frameworks to assess individual cultural competencies and to enhance knowledge and respect for racial and gender equity and diversity.


Promote continuous professional growth and improvement on cultural diversity and equity in education to address instructional strategies that promote cultural inclusiveness and produce equitable outcomes. 


Employ behavioral, social-emotional, and disciplinary initiatives to promote behavior, self-regulation, and restorative practices in order to regulate disciplinary procedures and to impact racial and gender disproportionality. 

African-American History
Women's history
Hispanic Heritage
Holocaust History
Happy Family
Women in the Street
Image by sydney Rae
Image by Amit Lahav
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