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W. George Allen was the first African-American to graduate from the University of Florida School of Law.

W George Allen
Alcee Hastings

Hastings was the longest-serving representative from Florida at the time of his death, making him dean of the state’s congressional delegation.

Hollywood hills high school class of 1969
Hollywood Hills Class of 1969.jpg

Although the Supreme Court ruled segregation in public schools unconstitutional in 1954 because of the Brown v. Board of Education case, it was many years later before Broward County forced schools to racially integrate. In 1955, Time magazine graded the status of desegregation efforts in the 17 southern and border states. It awarded Florida a “D” for its efforts. The federal government finally came down on Florida in 1966 and said they must integrate. Florida was one of the last states to actually go through desegregation and integration.

That year, African American students in Broward County were required to switch schools from Attucks High School, which was all-black, to Sterling Dania High School, which is now known as Hollywood Hills High School. The 1969 Class of Hollywood Hills High School was considered the face of integration in Broward County.

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