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Equity Hour

Veronica Romero & latinos in action

This Equity Hour will highlight what it means to be Latino in Broward County. It will feature a panel discussion with BCPS Latinos in Action (LIA) students. 

The panel discussion will:

Areas of Success & Challenges 

Important Hispanic Family Traditions 

The Purpose And Mission Of Latinos In Action  

The Understanding And Appreciation of The Culture 

Info On Organizations That Provide Support For Latinos 

Empowering Latino youth to lead and strengthen their community through college and career readiness.
Be the model for Latino Youth engagement through Personal Assets, Excellence in Education, Service and Leadership.

***The Latinos in Action course in BCPS is an elective class that focuses on academics, culture, service and leadership, and is facilitated through middle and high schools.

The course is an elective credit designed to motivate Hispanic students to complete their high school education and attend college.

The program cover four major areas:
College readiness

College readiness, personal development, biculturalism and professionalism.

cultural heritage

An exploration of cultural heritage through literary and performing arts

literacy tutoring

Literacy tutoring opportunities at nearby elementary and middle schools

leadership opportunities

Leadership opportunities through student-led service, social and professional committees.

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