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Purpose of the Equity Hour is to highlight our equity liaisons that we have throughout the district and to promote efforts of diversity and inclusion efforts taking place county wide monthly with diverse topics and discussions. The specific purpose is to highlight a piece of Broward’s Black history that is often forgotten, using film to showcase the importance of Archiving as well as to highlight the conversation about the history of one of Florida’s treasured black high schools. 

Equity Liaison-Host 
Catherine Palmer M.Ed from Attucks Middle; American History Teacher, Law Studies Instructor and Tools for Schools Liaison 
The following questions will be asked during the Equity Hour: 

What were some of your takeaways from the film?   

Why is this history important and why should we preserve it? 

What solutions can you see moving forward between the elders and the youth? 

What solutions or actions can you see yourself committing to?  

Moving forward what steps can we take from here to move forward so that momentum to bridge the gap between generations will not be lost? 

Featured Presenters
Featured Presenters
DR. Kitty Oliver

Veteran Journalist and Academic, an Author and Oral Historian, a Media Producer, and a Professional Singer

Dr. Kitty Oliver is a veteran journalist and academic, an author and oral historian, a media producer, and a professional singer with an MFA in Creative Writing, specializing in literary nonfiction and memoir, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies, focusing on race and ethnic communication. A product of the civil rights era who came of age with integration in the U.S., she brings an innovative perspective to race and ethnic relations sharing research and stories across cultures in Race and Change dialogues where people can explore race in a hopeful, progressive way. She is founder of the cross-cultural Race and Change Oral History Archive, the largest of its kind in size and scope, housed in Special Collections at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center. 



Archivist, historian and filmmaker

Emmanuel George spent his childhood years in North Miami and Miami Shores. Since 2002, he's been living in Hollywood and Dania Beach, Florida. His calling to be a voice and advocate for the local Black community. Emmanuel’s passion has always been film and art. He wanted to blend what he loves with community development. Because of his work and dedication to history and culture, he started many endeavors such as The Black Broward film project, The Sistrunk-A-Fair, The Black Orchid Foundation and creating Stories from our Ancestors.

Featured Student Organizations: Representing McFatter Tech and South Broward

Black Student Union  
Social Studies Honor Society  
Student Social Advocacy Organization 
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Local Black History Highlights

Old Dillard Museum 

History of Sistrunk 

The Collins Family of Dania 

Blanche Ely 

Willie " Junebug" Mc Donald 

Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson 

W. George Allen 

Why is Local Black History Important for us to understand? 

Supports cultivating relationships 

View the community through a historical lens 

Acknowledgement and recognition 

Ability to share knowledge 

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