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Purpose of the Equity Hour is to highlight our equity liaisons that we have throughout the district and to promote efforts of diversity and inclusion efforts taking place county wide on a monthly basis with diverse topics and discussions. 

The following questions will be asked during the Equity Hour: 

What is the relevance of historically understanding MLK, his philosophy and engagement in civil rights? 

How does Dr. Kings legacy contribute to community engagement and awareness among youth today? 

How have your youth organizations reflected the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy? 

How is Dr. King relevant in today’s context for young people? 

How does/can the legacy of MLK engage students to actively engage in their communities? 

Featured Presenters
Joy Veasy-

Chair of the Fort Lauderdale Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee Inc.  

Joy Veasy is a multimedia communications strategist and an e-trip architect. She is president of Joy of Multimedia and the founder /creator of Travel With Joy.  Her mission in life is to help transform youth into global learners and help organizations bridge the communication gap through the power of virtual live events. 


Antonio Burgess

Coordinator for 5000 Role Models,

Department of Equity and Diversity

Antonio has 10 years of experience working for Broward County Public Schools in many different capacities, which include, classroom teacher, department head, Instructional Coach that provides academic and behavior support to schools within Broward County Public Schools, and currently the District Coordinator for Mentoring Initiatives and The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project. 

The MLK Celebration Equity Hour is designed to: 

HELP educators, students, families and community stakeholders understand the past, present and future relevancy of the history of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther king Junior.  


CELEBRATE  the young people on the panel to recognize them as an integral part of our community, to give them the opportunity to speak their truth and to encourage them to continue to engage in community involvement efforts such as this to understand the importance of self and community advocacy. 


ENGAGE educators and community stakeholders in culturally responsive action in real time with our youth and acknowledge and affirm the lived experiences of our students. 


LEARN more about upcoming events celebrating the civil rights icon as well as, existing prosocial organizations engaging students of color within Broward County Public Schools and the influence of these organizations in our community. 

The Student Panelists will come from the following organizations: 
Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders, 5000 Role Models and THE Human Relations Council 
Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders  

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders (MTL) is a peer-to-peer mentoring and student leadership program that serves youth who are at-risk for not graduating and/or remaining in school. The program aims to decrease dropout rates, particularly among minority males, to ensure successful school graduation. 

MTL is based on the following five pillars: 

Academic Achievement  


Family Involvement  

Community Support 


Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.52.40 AM.png

5000 Role Models

Our goal is to instill, in the youth of Broward County, the values of mainstream America, while respecting the existing values of the individual. The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project focuses on three general principles: 

Pinpoint progressive and successful men in our community to emulate; 


Promote positive alternatives to self-destructive behaviors an societal pitfalls; 

Everyone must assume responsibilities, preparing our youth for the challenges and struggles in today’s society. 

For further information please contact:
or call 754-321-1600.   

The  5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is a dropout prevention,


mentoring program committed to closing the minority male achievement (access) gap by guiding minority male students along a carefully charted path through grades K-12 and college or ensuring the attainment of other post-secondary credentials, and increasing their employability in higher wage, high skills jobs within high demand industries. 


The program also teaches participants to respect law enforcement, the law, women, school officials, and parents.  Students are also exposed to valuable educational, and leadership opportunities that are designed to develop and strengthen their leadership skills.  The students and adult mentors wear a distinctive uniform consisting of black pants, a white dress shirt, and a 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project signature necktie. For more information about 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project may be found at

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union’s mission is to educate, unite and inspire cultural awareness and acceptance. 


As a student organization we are focused on serving the students of color. We are an academic focused student organization. We as an organization will assist in whatever mends necessary so that our members achieve academic success. 


We as a student organization strive to inspire, to motivate, to elevate, to raise to a higher social, intellectual, or moral level. The knowledge that we as individuals and as an organization gain shall be shared with the community around us in hopes that others are educated as well. 


We as a student organization seek change our environment by providing resources and implementing change in our communities. Through education and accountable we as an organization shall grow as a unit and attempt to effect change within ourselves. 

BCPS Human Relations Council

Human Relation Councils are school based pro-social clubs. Approved by the School Board of Broward County in August 1999, the Human Relation Councils were established in October 1999 to in the secondary schools and centers. Broward is one of the most diverse counties in the nation. The HRC’s have become key mechanisms for the training of students and staff in diversity sensitivity, cultural competence and affording students an opportunity to foster greater intercultural relations and understanding. 

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