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the equity conference


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Broward County Public Schools has a moral obligation to change the fabric of our nation by fully serving all students, especially those populations who have been systematically marginalized for generations, to reach their highest potential. This imperative is no longer just rhetoric, but a viable call to action. We can be responsive to the full range of student needs by using intentional instructional & school leadership development and coaching to implement and sustain equity across the district and community.  Additionally, we must strengthen instructional & district leadership capacity to support implementation and sustain these transformations in schools. This approach to equity across the system involves creating equitable learning environments and cultures that match resources to student need for better outcomes.

our mission

 All schools and district departments have designated an Equity Liaison to be responsible for providing leadership in areas of equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice, mental health, wellness and social emotional learning.  Equity liaisons will be facilitating professional learning and be provided with professional development opportunities designed to expand their knowledge and skills.  School & District leaders will support their contribution to the successful implementation of equity-based initiatives at schools and use this conference to kick off Summer Seasons of Learning Equity Professional Development. 

our purpose
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